1. The Word, Love (사랑한단 말) - Taecyeon & Chansung
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    I am in love with this song and have been listening to it non stop since i received my album. So proud of channie. And also, with the go crazy album, now every single member has released at least one self composed song!

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    jackson answering interview questions

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  4. Wooyoung: we are here in the Philippines.

    <urgently made hip-hop duo>

    Junho: What’s up, man! The Philippines are our endorphin!

    Wooyoung: Endorphin is our …

    Junho: Dolphin? Sorry, I’m leaving.

    Wooyoung: You should not eat dolphin meat. It’s illegal. Dolphins are under crisis of extinction. It’s a big issue.

    <the hip-hop duo is not willing to finish their interview>

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    [Real 2PM] 2PM’s 미친거 아니야?(GO CRAZY!) Filming Spot
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    @Khunnie0624: Hotties~ Thank you for coming to such a far away place!! Go back home safe! Khun night!! =] pic.twitter.com/dsXBq6xEWV

    @taeccool: @Khunnie0624 Catching Khunnie’s mood~ Go back safe~ pic.twitter.com/SQBkY1PpCy

    @Jun2daKAY: @taeccool @Khunnie0624 Getting the spirit from Khunni & Taecyeoni, our hotties go back home safe!!^^ pic.twitter.com/Sh959vivjV

    @dlwnsghek: @Khunnie0624 @taeccool @Jun2daKAY Getting the spirit from my hyungs. Go back home safeyy~ pic.twitter.com/WDzXjg8Qg2

    @2PMagreement211: @Khunnie0624 @taeccool @dlwnsghek @Jun2daKAY I’m almost there pic.twitter.com/UyOiJHtr6m

    @Khunnie0624: @2PMagreement211 @dlwnsghek @Jun2daKAY @taeccool Ah… we lose…

    trans. by 2pmalways

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